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Kaua’i is an island located in the Central of the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. It is also known as the "Garden Isle", this is because tropical rainforests are covering most of the areas of the island. Due to its typographical properties, Kauai is one of the most sought after locations for Hollywood movies. The island is home to the Waimea Canyon State Park, which we like to call ‘The Little Grand Canyon Of the Pacific.” Due to Kauai’s tropical climate, which is humid most of the time, it is a climate for growing crops all year round. It rains a lot throughout the year, which is why the island is the home of a large chunk of rain forests, which is also great for growing plants. Due to the island's good weather all year long, Kaua’i is considered a paradise on Earth, which is why tourism is the number one source of income for the island.

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