We have collaborated with some amazing people to bring you healthy and delicious meals to your door. We are excited to highlight and share the stories of the people behind the scenes. Whether it’s the chefs cooking meals, the team assembling & prepping your greens, or the real heroes, the farmers growing our food. We are amazed at how much our community is coming together to make sure we bring the best-curated meals and food to your home.

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Our food philosophy is based on clinical studies of over

50 years of research that focuses on reducing the risk of cancer.


The key points in this research are based upon a diet that consists of

Whole foods



Whole Grains

Juices of Raw Fruits & Vegetables

Minimal Animal Proteins

(full article upon request contact us if you would like a pdf)

Sustainably yours,

Kaua'i Greens Team & Collaborators

Kaua'i Juice Co.

Cafe Turmeric

Flowers By Adele

Aloha 'Aina Juice

Palate Wine Bar

Produce By Lawrence & Irene

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